Stilt Race 2006

These photos were taken by Ann Johnson probably on 28/8/2006 . This was the August Bank Holiday Monday that year. The photos were taken between 11.00am and 11.30am Google Photo Album

Joining a Zoom Meeting

Common problems in our limited experience A short Video by Idris to get you going HERE 1 You Can’t hear the other Participants: Your computer speakers are not turned upIt doesn’t normally go well when you first join a busy meeting and everyone is chatting away and you think they can’t can’t hear you but quite possibly they can, and you are being overheard as you struggle! 2 You Cant see all the other Participants […]

Running a Slideshow on Zoom

If there is a pause in the conversation, that is a good chance to show a few pictures. You could have them ready and put them on your desktop set up as a slideshow, then you could show them by ” share screen” which you will find on the green button at the bottom of your screen when in a meeting: When you have clicked the green button you will be presented with a choice […]

Using Zoom April 2020

Virus Lockdown started legally in UK from Tues 24th March Using a Phone: Zoom works much better with a bigger screen then you can see more of the images and the people that are taking part. If you must use a mobile phone, please put it in a bracket or a stand because when your background video is wobbling about, it uses loads of bandwidth which can also spoil the audio for everyone. When you […]

Jetty Pictures

Survey 2013 Strengthening 2018 Fendering Workparty 2019

October 2019 Work party

30 + members came and gave their time to help maintenance and improvements at the club. Brews and Lunch provided by Chris, Anne and Beth – much appreciated. Andrew, John and Mick on their second day’s work transforming the fendering on the jetty with rubber matting.