2021 Regatta

Cruiser Race Results The finishing times for the Saturday race were: – Peter Booth and David in Scintilla (a Leisure 17) Time took 1 hour 39 mins. Time with handicap 1.28 hoursJohn Broadhead and Mick Perigo in My Cloud (a Beneteau Oceanis 311) Time took 1 hour 40 mins. Time with handicap 1.59 hoursThis makes […]

Commodore’s Report 2020

Roger’s final brief given on Sunday 25th October at the AGM:  Commodore’s Report 2020 To state the obvious, this year has been dominated by the virus and the Club has had to react to, adapt to and make the best of not only the weather but government diktat and RYA advice as well. And it’s […]

Stilt Race 2006

These photos were taken by Ann Johnson probably on 28/8/2006 . This was the August Bank Holiday Monday that year. The photos were taken between 11.00am and 11.30am Google Photo Album

Joining a Zoom Meeting

Common problems in our limited experience A short Video by Idris to get you going HERE 1 You Can’t hear the other Participants: Your computer speakers are not turned upIt doesn’t normally go well when you first join a busy meeting and everyone is chatting away and you think they can’t can’t hear you but […]

Running a Slideshow on Zoom

If there is a pause in the conversation, that is a good chance to show a few pictures. You could have them ready and put them on your desktop set up as a slideshow, then you could show them by ” share screen” which you will find on the green button at the bottom of […]