Forum Update

On Sunday 25th Nov we attempted to update the forum software but unfortunately it timed-out and failed. We contacted our provider on Monday and they are about to upload a new version  onto which we hope to restore our last backup. Thur 29th Nov,   we have a newly updated forum as uploaded by Krystals’ support department. Thanks again to them and Steve Booth for helping with this tricky task.

Jetty Repairs 2018

This year the seaward end of the jetty has been deteriorating gradually with impacts from boats and trailers so it was decided to refurbish it and at the same time make more clearance underneath the end section to allow flotsam washing down the river to pass straight through. 19 Jan 2019

Fault Reporting

To report a fault, if you are at the club,  please mark it on the foyer white board and contact the  person responsible  for the asset in question. Or if nothing happens,  or you can’t get in touch with him,  please tell David Booth :-   Contact Page  and he will liaise with whoever necessary. Fault Reported by Action Arranged Entrance door frame cracked PJ 20th Oct New doors and windows planned Kitchen Door Hinge Broken Replaced […]

Fishguard to Glasson

We left our anchorage at Fishguard in the dark at 04:30 after a very quiet night at  and got underway with a full moon and a flat calm sea. The forecast for Cardigan Bay was the wind 3 to 4 , 5 at times so we set alternative courses for either Pwthelli or for clearing the Lllyn Peninsula. Either way it would be a head wind and we would see which would be the best […]

Milford Haven to Fishguard

Anchored near the lower harbour in Old Fishguard, we were the only craft out there apart from what looked to be one local boat on its mooring. We got to Fishguard old harbour at lunchtime after a fairly boring sail outside of Skomer and Ramsey Islands. Boring because it was too misty to see land and it was oily flat calm – there is no suiting some people! We did pick up a great lift […]

Padstow to Milford Haven

Padstow to Milford Haven – 70 nautical miles to go and most of it out of sight of land. We departed Padstow in the early hours of 24th May in order to have favourable tides at each end of the day, besides, Padstow inner harbour is behind a lock gate with limited opening hours. On leaving we had an awkward few minutes trying to keep clear of the dredger in the channel with its blazing […]

Falmouth to Padstow

We left the marina berth at 10:30 on 18th May to round the Lizard and enter our last South Coast bay. Penzance was going to be full of boats so our destination was Newlyn. We made it into harbour among all the fishing boats in the afternoon at 17:00 having had a fairly lively ride around The Lizard, but otherwise a calm passage. Great fish and chips in town for tea.   We took a […]

Brixham to Falmouth

  We were getting into good cruising territory after having crossed Lyme Bay – there are short hops between pretty destinations, but still we saw very few boats at sea.     We reached Dartmouth having set off only 2 1/2 hours earlier from Brixham. We were in a marina berth for the first time this trip because there wasn’t a lot of choice of moorings to be found up here without a lot of […]

Lymington to Brixham

There is a very strong tidal race through the Needles channel at times so we left Lymington in the dark to take advantage of it on our departure. There was not a breath of wind and as you can see from the pictures it was completely calm, so we shot through the channels at 8 knots, there were a few whirlpools but no sign of overfalls on the Shingles Bank.   The wind did pipe […]