Old Photos

Identified so far: Norman, Mick, Dave Crowther, Richard,  Pat, PJ, Adrian, Mick P, Big J, Ratters, Glen and Jack  

Lighthouse Repairs

From our     Forum Dear All, Message from Lancaster Port Commission (LPC). I have advised Helen that I’d put it on the club ‘grapevine’. ‘ LPC are going to be putting a Notice to Mariners out next week about the repair works, which we hope will begin next weekend. We are intending putting a temporary exclusion area between the lighthouse and the shore, over the area where the contractors will be transiting at low […]

Regatta August 2016

Regatta August 2016   Photo from Duncan     Photos below from Alan Smith of Sunderland Penny Diamond Most of the Fleet at No 9 Sea Fox Leaving Bazil Point Curlew Plain Jane Inspiration From the forum A huge thanks to Roger and everyone else that helped to make this such a wonderful weekend. Here’s a shot from this afternoon of the two Johns jostling for position at the start of todays race. – Phil […]

New Web Pages

I have created some new pages – they are responsive and should work well on small screens. When they are all tested they will be phased in and eventually take over from the 2009 website. Thanks to David Brindley for getting me on the “Lynda” online courses and Dave Woods and Steve Booth of RVSC who gave me some helpful tips on the use of “WordPress”. Many thanks to our John Wood who built up a neat icon […]

RNLI Brew for the Crew

On the 10th May we had the RNLI Brew for the Crew. It was an outstanding success very well attended by members and public alike. Over £500 was raised for the RNLI. Can I thank the organisers Chris Booth and the A team Ladies for all their hard work baking cakes serving the brews and manning the bric a brac stall. Can I also thank all those who donated gifts and bric a brac and […]

First Cruisers Launched at Easter

A little Easter Action,    photos courtesy of John Wood                                                            

March Update

Sea Wall damage – All the major work has now been completed with just some fine tuning of soil levels, ground preparation and grass seeding as soon as we have a period of dry weather. The quality of finish to the repair is of a high standard and it has passed the scrutiny of the Environment Agency, Natural England, United Utilities and our Landlord. The  Site Warden’s caravan purchased by the club is now on […]

Sea Wall Damage and Repairs

It all started in early December 2013, a year ago: “As some of you will be aware, damage has occurred to the sea wall during last weeks storm and high tides. Unfortunately under the terms of our lease the wall is the clubs responsibility . Initially it was thought that a reinstating of the stones and a few patches of concrete would repair the damage, this is not the case as severe undermining of the […]

GSC Cruising Events 2015

If you try the link below, you should find the presentation that Roger gave us at the meeting on Sunday: GSC Family_Club Cruising Events 2015 ( press your f5 to start the slides, then use the spacebar to move on.)   cheers, David