GSC Cruising Events 2015

If you try the link below, you should find the presentation that Roger gave us at the meeting on Sunday: GSC Family_Club Cruising Events 2015 ( press your f5 to start the slides, then use the spacebar to move on.)   cheers, David

Colin’s account of the ‘Round The Island Race’ May 4th 2014

Rice Pudding set off for the Isle of Mann on Friday afternoon, with skipper Norman supported by willing and enthusiastic crew, Roger and Colin. Norman’s daughter Liz would join us in Ramsey on Saturday afternoon. We arrived in Ramsey at 11pm Friday after a pleasant motor sail in company and were ensconced in the Trafalgar with John and Jack Broadhead by 11.15. Later, it was back to Rice Pudding to celebrate John’s birthday until the […]

Easter Report

A brief report on races. Friday,18th April. Millennium Bridge. Results complled by Big John. Wind 2-3 variable gusts 4 CLASS SAIL NO. HELM/ CREW LAP 1 position RS600 Jack B 2hs 5m 6th Ent Big John 2hrs 17m 1 Ent J Tyrone MHYC 2hrs 21m 2 420 D Catlow MHYC 2hrs 23m 5 Tracer J How GSC 2hrs 24m 3 Bosun Ian Atky 2hrs 33m 4 Mirror Steve Tomki rtd 7 GP Ian & Barbara […]

Dinghy Racing

Sadly the bad weather curse continues & the forecast for this weekends racing is F5-6 gusting F7 for Saturday & Sunday. Not dinghy sailing weather, therefore unfortunately the racing is postponed once again. Lets hope things improve soon.

Dinghy Racing

There is no racing this weekend. The next races will be Saturday 22nd March, first race 13.30, and Sunday 23rd March with the first race 14.30. These two days will be the start of the Spring Series instead of the final days of the North West Icicle Series which has been completely lost due to the weather.

The Replacement

Thanks Gilly and team for siting it without damage, drama or expense!

Container Gone

It took a lot more effort and more volunteers than expected to get all the bits in the skip, but we did it by the end of a long day. The site is now fairly clear, ready for the arrival of the replacement. This years photos all seem to involve damage and destruction!

A new Asset to GSC

The new man cage was designed by Gilly and Mike and was perfect for the job and everything the right size, and in the right place. The new harness looked the part as modelled by PJ beforehand. What a great team effort, and thanks Tony as well for getting it certified. Pete took some pictures from aloft, hopefully to follow. Lesson learnt:  bring some walkie-talkies next time, cos its too far to shout down from […]