Commodore’s Report 2020

Roger’s final brief given on Sunday 25th October at the AGM: 

Commodore’s Report 2020

To state the obvious, this year has been dominated by the virus and the Club has had to react to, adapt to and make the best of not only the weather but government diktat and RYA advice as well. And it’s not over yet! As I speak I’m locked down in Wales and it looks all downhill till Xmas. Still, mustn’t grumble.

Last year we lost 2 characters, this year we’ve lost a few more and I hope I don’t tempt fate by trying to mention them all. John Wood, Martin Lord and Sue Swarbrick all passed in early 2020. All contributed greatly to the club in their time and will be sadly missed.

Club activity has been muted but we’re still hanging on! Indeed, good stuff has still been done. Even some sailing has taken place – though not to the same extent as last year.

I’ll start with the Trophies – normally given out at the Laying Up Supper but – that didn’t happen, and I must say I do feel marginally better than previous AGMs where I always feel a bit jaded after the night before.  Anyway this year’s trophies will have to be delivered virtually. Kudos, honour and respect to the following:

Mick Moorhouse and Slippers take the furthest North and West Trophies respectively with some late season heavy weather sailing in each other’s company to Limerick Point near Glenarm, N. Ireland and Ardfern, Scotland. They’ve agreed to have 1 each, probably knowing them, after much discussion.

The furthest Southern trip this year, I believe, was to Pwllheli, by Andrew on Serendipity. (Andrew informed us at the AGM that he couldn’t accept the trophy because John Broadhead had got to Barmouth).

A few trips East up the river towards Snatchems were made and maybe to the town Quay; however, one trip was particularly notable when the very seasoned sailors got the tides wrong and inadvertently dried out on the road outside Snatchems whilst finishing their pints! Highly embarrassing and photographs are available. And so, the award must go to the Captain in command – Staff! Having ended up on the road I think Gilly will have to give up the driver of the year award.

The most meritorious cruise award for 2020, which now has its own splendidly refurbished Cruising Trophy named after Ian ‘Atky’ Atkinson, goes to Penny Diamond. Big John and Bob successfully navigated virus restrictions and lack of open hostelries all the way to St Andrews via the Caledonian Canal to deliver the boat to her new owner.  Congrats to both, and to all the Club’s intrepid sailors who ventured forth, unsure of the welcome they would get at the various ports en-route. Let’s hope for a better season in 2021.

On to Club stuff in general:

The Committee started the year full of good intentions and a Planning meeting held in January generated an ordered wish list of topics to be addressed. Most of the initiatives have been affected to some degree by the first Lockdown and then the Covid social distancing rules thereafter. However, from the original January list we’ve managed to progress a couple of items.

The biggest job are the boat park electrics. New lengths of cable have been laid out in trenches through the park to power the new electric points. There’s still work to do to connect to the new boxes and this in turn will enable additional new cctv cameras to be connected up – hopefully to the interweb. It’s ongoing.

The club also has had a new front door and foyer double glazing fitted. We’ll know in about 10 years’ time whether the decision to order Aluminium over Plastic was the correct one! But it looks great. And if Glasson Sailing Club controversies remain at that level into 2021 and beyond, then we’re doing all right.

Frank’s caravan space has been landscaped into a convivial Covid compliant outdoor sheltered space, complete with ‘hotpoint’ fire pit where club members can argue as to who has eaten all the plums.

We’re also in the process of replacing the club mower to ease the effort required in maintaining the grass.

The club finances, as you’ve heard, remain in good order and the membership is steady with a steady trickle of new applicants, administered by Hazel, refreshing the ranks.

The Merlo and JCB have continued to be maintained, although they have had to be restricted in use because of our interpretation of the requirement to safeguard the overall membership. Individuals may have argued about that, but, touch wood, launches have been provided, and we’ve maintained a safe environment.

In the background, the club has continued to be managed; bills have been paid, insurances kept up to date, the website maintained (and seems to be faster now!), fire regs have been followed, grass cut, machines serviced, club house cleaned and monthly Zoom committee meetings held. Life has continued.

It’s now my honour as Commodore to award this year’s Hawtin Trophy to a member who has made a significant contribution to the well-being of the club and its facilities. This year’s award, for a change, goes to a guy who is a long standing member of the committee. You may say, well he’s on the committee, that’s his job. Well, none of the roles on the committee are ‘jobs’. Each committee member puts in considerable voluntary effort to ensure the club runs smoothly. This year I want to pay tribute to John Holt.

I’ve not been around much this year having relocated to south Wales. I did however make the trip up in August and was shamed into cutting the grass around Sea Fox which was a bit long. So I went and got the push lawnmower and strimmer out of the garage and guess what ? They both worked and there was petrol nearby to fill both devices up after use. No excuses possible, I cut the grass.

This was down to John. And other stuff besides, like the fire regs being followed, and many other issues that need a competent timely presence at the club; John is available and invariably steps forward. Thanks John.

So, it’s time for me to sign off as Commodore after 3 interesting years. It’s great to have been part of the Committee. …….. it’s great to be part of a thriving club. I’ve had the easy job and I’m humbled by the efforts and dedication of your committee and individual members in maintaining the place and facilities to allow us to turn up at such a beautiful location and enjoy our hard-earned leisure – when we’re allowed to.
Here’s hoping for an early vaccine and life returning to normal as soon as possible.