Falmouth to Padstow

We left the marina berth at 10:30 on 18th May to round the Lizard and enter our last South Coast bay. Penzance was going to be full of boats so our destination was Newlyn.

We made it into harbour among all the fishing boats in the afternoon at 17:00 having had a fairly lively ride around The Lizard, but otherwise a calm passage. Great fish and chips in town for tea.


We took a bus ride to Mousehole in the evening, but it was very, very quiet, we think most of the houses are probably second homes and empty out of season, very sad.

Checking our paper charts for the rest of our trip, we found we had nothing in detail for the entrance to Padstow, but in one of the Newlyn shops there was a table with a shade made with exactly what we needed ! So I took its Photo:

We left Newlyn with Mounts Bay as smooth as glass and St Michael’s Mount was just a black silhouette It was a bit too soon in the day to get the best speed with the current, but we would rather have had more tide against as at the beginning than at the end of a long day.

At 9: 30 we were passing Mousehole when the Scillonian ferry overtook us on the regular run to the Isles of Scilly.
By 11: 30 we were rounding the long ships lights with a good offing and it was still calm but we had a strange Ruff session around the area on the chart marked as ” Carn base”.
It took an hour to leave Longships light behind and the speed was picking up nicely so we made good progress past St Ives and Newquay and finally getting sight of Trevose head around 20:00
We had the pleasure of the company of a pod of dolphins and this helped to make it a very pleasant leg of the voyage.
We tied up in Padstow around 2100 with the Harbour Master welcoming us and taking our lines just as darkness fell.