March Update

Sea Wall damage – All the major work has now been completed with just some fine tuning of soil levels, ground preparation and grass seeding as soon as we have a period of dry weather. The quality of finish to the repair is of a high standard and it has passed the scrutiny of the Environment Agency, Natural England, United Utilities and our Landlord.

The  Site Warden’s caravan purchased by the club is now on site and in use. Frank and Kath are very happy with their new accommodation and what it has to offer. On the subject of caravans, we  have now been issued a full license for the four  touring caravan pitches which are for for member’s use. This has taken a five year campaign by Tony to achieve, and a lot of tenacity on his part.


April 11th


Can I thank all the members who turned up to Saturday’s working party.  To the A team of ladies who pied, brewed and caked us, and Jeff Simpkin for his expert help on ground management.

What appeared to be a fairly simple task of raking over and seeding turned out to be much more difficult with the size of the stone and the clay ground and it soon became fairly arduous.

But apart from the face of the banking which still needs some seed the main task was completed.

Thank you all