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We are happy to receive applications from anyone with an interest in sailing boats and boating. The classes of membership are as follows.

For individual sailors, “Full Membership” is appropriate. This entitles a person to use the full facilities of the Club, including voting at the AGM.

If more than one member of the same family uses any of the facilities; a second rate is available and appears as “Family Membership” on the application form.

An entry fee is required for Full and Family membership. “Junior Membership” for the 18-year-olds and under does not involve the payment of an entry fee. We also have special rates for OAPs.

The application form needs to be sent for committee approval. All successful applications require the payment of an entry fee (except Junior membership) plus membership fee for the remaining months of the year, which also includes the month they join.

The Club rules require that an application for membership be proposed and seconded by two people who are currently members of Glasson S.C. of at least one year’s standing and who are personally acquainted with the applicants. For some, this requirement cannot be fulfilled and in these circumstances we ask that applicants should meet one of the senior Club Officers  so that they can endorse the application after personal contact with the applicant has been established.

Every application is considered by the Main Committee. This body meets about once per month so there might be some delay between your application form being received and your membership being considered. The committee has the power to refuse membership or to place names on a waiting list, although this power is rarely exercised.

After an application has been accepted, the Membership Secretary will send out a current membership card, a current Mainsheet, a racing programme, and a copy of the Glasson S.C. rules once the fee has been paid.

Before a boat is brought on to the boat park or launched by the slip way, a declaration of insurance with third party cover of at least £3,000,000 must be signed and returned to the Membership Secretary. If a boat is to be left on the boat park an application for berthing should be made prior to  the boat’s arrival.

Membership Secretary:

Hazel Cruise, 37 Brougham Road, Marsden, Huddersfield, HD7 6BL