Lymington to Brixham

There is a very strong tidal race through the Needles channel at times so we left Lymington in the dark to take advantage of it on our departure.

There was not a breath of wind and as you can see from the pictures it was completely calm, so we shot through the channels at 8 knots, there were a few whirlpools but no sign of overfalls on the Shingles Bank.


The wind did pipe up later in the day so we managed to get a bit of drive out of the sails for a period as we rounded St. Albans Head.

We arrived at Weymouth on a Sunday afternoon and in the sunshine you would have thought that a festival was in progress. There was no shortage of moorings and we tied up in the thick of it near the pubs on the West Quay.


An interesting walk seaward leads to Nothe Fort and on the way we passed the sailing club where a boat had been careened for repairs.

Another WiseLift here, but with a much more practical towing vehicle than at Eastney:
























A combination of factors made our Crossing of Lyme Bay most uncomfortable:

1 – Not being sure of the cleanliness of the fuel system we had ordered an extra diesel filter to be delivered to the quay and had to wait an extra hour for it to arrive.

2 – Even though there was no wind forecast, we had decided to give Portland Bill a very wide berth that is about 5 miles offshore so this added quite a high mileage to the trip.

3 – A stiff Westerly breeze on the nose across Lyme Bay as well as the incoming tide against us slowed us down enormously, seeing we had got our timing wrong, due to departing late from Weymouth.

The only non tidal ports in the area were right at the western Western end of Lyme Bay so we could not conveniently break the journey and had to carry on to Brixham.

Having had a short holiday at Paignton early in the year we have knew Brixham and chose that as our next destination because it is that bit further West than the other ports in Torbay, and we didn’t particularly want to go out in Lyme bay twice. This is a distant view of Torquay taken after our brief stay:[/su_note]







On the Brixham Sailing Club’s private pontoon:

Chris had prearranged our stop over here rather than at the marina, but it was very hard to find in the dark, being hidden from view behind all the moorings.

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