Milford Haven to Fishguard

Anchored near the lower harbour in Old Fishguard, we were the only craft out there apart from what looked to be one local boat on its mooring.

We got to Fishguard old harbour at lunchtime after a fairly boring sail outside of Skomer and Ramsey Islands. Boring because it was too misty to see land and it was oily flat calm – there is no suiting some people!

We did pick up a great lift from the tide though, 8 or 9 knots for a good while

We knew the Irish Sea ferry times so we were rather concerned that the Stena Europe would soon be bearing down on us on our approach. I actually had a bit of 3g coverage for the phone so I could check where the Irish ferry was on my AIS app before we arrived – we both had the same ETA in Fishguard. Sure enough it appeared on our port quarter at 10:30 and didn’t take long to pass. More clever stuff from a mobile phone. We shall probably get a proper AIS transducer one day….

We anchored at midday and shortly after that enjoyed our first hot al fresco shower on the bathing platform, there being no other boats around. Good to be up North again! We had the bay to ourselves all day until around tea – time a boat came round the headland and dropped anchor about 2 boat lengths away from us! Perhaps we were in their favourite spot? At least it was flat calm and we didn’t swing into each other overnight. We were planning a very early start in the morning so they might have regretted their close encounter.