Pirate Invasion May 2017

The pirate/viking do was a complete success this year. Good turnout, I wondered on Fri night whether it would be cancelled, the weather was for wind and rain at 2pm

Loads of boats left in a bit of breeze and I took a bit of water in a rough patch on the corner, well we were 5 up in my dinghy. Uneventful up to the pub where we met Shirley who drove round and parked near the bank. I told her to move it as the tide still had an hour to go. I had to move it again when the tide lapped the wheels half hour later. Only just got through, I had the door open driving through it and the water was just lapping the door step. Parked it up a bit of a hill round the corner, didn’t realise there was a carpark at the back of Snatchems. Here’s a snap of one of the boats blocking the road,

Justin had to move it to let that car escape. Tide still had at least another foot to go so he only just made it to the end of the road.
Dave’s new engine was “playing up” so he started rowing and Jeff in the patrol boat picked him up and towed him up and back. I reckon he was just saving fuel.
I towed Beverly and Mick back from the pub as their engine wouldn’t start. Had to hold the tow rope all the way and steer as we could only tow from one side.

We towed halfway till Jeff came back for them. Then the rain came down and flattened the waves, thunder and lightning in the distance and I thought the weather boys might have been right for once, but it was still warm, Then just before the corner when I thought we were in for a hammering from wind over tide, the sun came out and the wind stopped, unbelievable, you couldn’t have asked for better weather.
We were warned by Jeff that the tide was ripping across the slip so I crept right in along the side OK. The only other casualty was Chris in his mirror, he got swept past and ended up near Sunderland village till Jeff went and got him.
Thanks to Val and Norman for putting it all together and all who helped with recovery, and not fogeting our rescue crew Linda and Jeff and eveyone else who made it a success.
Put me down for 5 places again next year.      Mick Bull




Pirates from Peter on Vimeo.

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