Plover Scar Light

On Sun 4th December 2016 We visited the site in the morning as the tide came in and it looked like the structure had been taken down to about HW level. The contractors have drilled all the big stones and fitted tapped plugs to take ring bolts for the crane. Goodness knows how they lifted them in 1847 using musclepower alone?        continued – Jan 1st 2017

Now, a set of pictures taken by Val Simpkin on 29 November 2016:












Great photos, thanks a lot.




18 nov 2016
Taken by Phil 18 nov 2016






Taken by Pete J on Sun Oct 9, 2016





Taken by DB Sun Sep 18


DB taken on Sun Sep 18


Taken by Chris Elleray March 2016
Taken by Chris Elleray March 2016


Taken by Big John
Taken by Big John Sun Mar 27, 2016


From Chris Elleray March 2016


2014 - Jack Broadhead's boat
2014 – Jack Broadhead’s boat


Here is a photo of the lighthouse taken prior to the collision taken by Jim Cruise



Val found this piece of history:


– amazing footage from 1948


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