Spring Pool Competition March 2019

Saturday evening March 2nd 2019 saw the customary pool tournament held in the club lounge. There were 16 competitors and a few onlookers present so probably about 20 members enjoying the event. Considering the foul weather, not a bad turnout. Once again the ladies, Ann Johnson, Christine Booth and Linda Walker made a buffet supper for half time, well done to them, while Kevin Chambers and Jeff Walker took turns serving at the bar while Frank was unwell.

The referees were by turns Jeff Walker, Colin Lambert and Tony Lamb. During one match a sudden burst of ‘Duelling Banjos’ broke out from the mobile phone of the referee who had to retire to the foyer to answer it. Guess who! As usual, some of the matches had the air of slapstick comedy with at least one member snatching defeat from the jaws of certain victory.

This year neither Dave or Michael Gill were present so everybody was in with a chance. The finalists were Colin Lambert and Jeff Walker with Colin as the eventual winner. Colin then announced that the winnings would be contributed to the RNLI.