Running a Slideshow on Zoom

If there is a pause in the conversation, that is a good chance to show a few pictures. You could have them ready and put them on your desktop set up as a slideshow, then you could show them by ” share screen” which you will find on the green button at the bottom of your screen when in a meeting:

When you have clicked the green button you will be presented with a choice of your currently running programmes as tiles (see below), so now you need to choose the one which is showing your first picture:

(If there are a few running, it is a good plan to escape from sharing and close them at this point to make things simpler before starting it again.)

You then click the little blue “Share” button at the bottom right of the screen.

Now you should be able to go forward and back through your folder of pictures using the arrows either side of your picture or the arrows on your keyboard.

You can normally pause a movie clip with your spacebar and stop sharing your slideshow with the little red button at the bottom of the screen (sometimes its at the top) whilst you change folders out of sight of the audience.

You can have a practice session anytime on you own if you click on “New Meeting” on you Zoom homescreen.

Be careful what you have showing on your desktop, you might end up showing it to the audience by mistake. There has been a lot of publicity about the worries about Zoom’s security recently, But we have recently seen newsclips on BBC TV of their journalists using it to speak to isolated people.

If Zoom are offering you a software update when you log in, go for it, because these updates include the more secure versions. In general, always follow the usual guidelines including different passwords for the different sites you use ( not your pet’s name, boat name or mother’s maiden name!)