Using Zoom April 2020

Virus Lockdown started legally in UK from Tues 24th March

Using a Phone:

Zoom works much better with a bigger screen then you can see more of the images and the people that are taking part. If you must use a mobile phone, please put it in a bracket or a stand because when your background video is wobbling about, it uses loads of bandwidth which can also spoil the audio for everyone. When you are actually watching a meeting on a phone you can swipe the screen right or left to get gallery view (to see everyone) or speaker view (to see the designated speaker or the person who is in the noisiest room!)

When you are in a meeting on a phone:

If you continue swiping the screen left you will get to the settings page below, where you will find the “Meeting” tab to check and adjust your Audio and Video settings if necessary.

If you haven’t yet succeeded to connect properly to others by Zoom on previous occasions, please join the meetings early, then we can practice and hopefully get sorted for a good experience for everyone.

Please note that you don’t need to connect your camera to watch the whole meeting and you will still be able to see and talk to those who are on. You can also mute your own microphone if the dog starts barking or whatever else is disturbing things.

It helps if you can test your own Audio Settings before the meeting to make sure your microphone and speakers are connected, on our first Saturday night one member couldn’t be seen and another couldn’t be heard, unfortunately. We had people on different types of device (phones, tablets, laptops, PCs…), and each works in a slightly different way.  So please see below what is relevant to you :-

Computer settings view:

The little cog icon is your settings button and will take you to the screen below:

You can further check your setup by starting your own meeting here:

If you then click on your camera image you will see at the top right of the screen the important control which gives you either “Speaker View” or “Gallery View”

Your other controls are at the bottom: