Lighthouse Repairs

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Dear All,
Message from Lancaster Port Commission (LPC). I have advised Helen that I’d put it on the club ‘grapevine’.

‘ LPC are going to be putting a Notice to Mariners out next week about the repair works, which we hope will begin next weekend. We are intending putting a temporary exclusion area between the lighthouse and the shore, over the area where the contractors will be transiting at low tides just in case anything gets left or abandoned mid-transit, which would cause an underwater obstruction when the tide is in. It is obviously not part of the plan but I have to consider worst case scenarios. I don’t think this will affect yachts, as they tend to stick to the buoyed channel anyway, but it may affect dinghy sailors, and especially windsurfers and possibly jet skiers. LPC will be posting physical copies of the Notice at known launching points, i.e. the lighthouse carpark, Cockerham Sands Caravan Park and the Golden Ball, but I wondered if anyone at the club was part of the local ‘windsurfing circuit’ who could get the message going round via word of mouth? ‘

Good news for the Lighthouse !




Updated view 9th October taken by Pete Johnson

Plover Scar
Taken by PJ on 9 Oct 2016

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