Regatta August 2016

Regatta August 2016



Photo from Duncan



Photos below from Alan Smith of Sunderland

From the forum

A huge thanks to Roger and everyone else that helped to make this such a wonderful weekend. Here’s a shot from this afternoon of the two Johns jostling for position at the start of todays race. – Phil


Nice pic Phill many thanks , And yes a Really Big Thanks to all involved this weekend, it was indeed a wonderful regatta. Thankyou to my crew; Mike, Jack, Adam (who is only 3 years old), Norman (who is some 80 years senior to Adam).’ Old Guys really Do Rule ‘( Norman was out on deck, making adjustments near the Lighthouse in torrential rain 40+ kts Gusts. on Saturday ) It was an honour to recieve the Dave Crowther Trophy and the ‘icing on the cake ‘ a special prize for Adam. Once again thank you all at Glasson Sailing Club. – Big John

The view from Inspiration

the view from the webcam

as seen by John on Sunday from the comfort of his armchair